Gentlemen – Would You Help Us Better Understand the Mechanics of Masculine Prayer?


I attended the first session of a Bible study about prayer this morning and we talked about the benefits of having a prayer journal. I LOVE journaling – it is the way I prefer to pray because writing things out forces me to stay focused and helps me cement what I am reading in Scripture in my mind. If I just hear something or read it in passing, I can easily lose whatever I heard. But when I write – I really tend to remember things better.

One lady made the comment, “I am visual. I hate the idea of journaling or writing my prayers. So I just write very short requests and I also keep pictures of people I am praying for.”

Light bulbs went off for me.

About two years ago, I did a series of posts about how husbands process emotions. I was amazed to learn that while some men think with words sometimes, other men tend to think in terms of formulas, images, pictures, or “silent movies” – especially about emotions or when they are trying to solve problems, it seems.

I began to wonder – is it possible that some of our men pray without words or with very few words when they pray privately?


Our brothers,

I would love to hear comments from you about if you pray without words and how that works, as best you can describe it, if you are willing to share. If you pray with words and would like to describe that process, I would be thrilled to hear about that, as well. And, I would greatly appreciate it if you might answer a few poll questions for me, please. There is no right or wrong answer here – no condemnation, no judgement, no criticism. I just want to better understand how Christian men pray

Ladies, feel free to ask your husbands about these questions if they are receptive to talking about them and then you may share their answers in the polls or comments if that is okay with them.

These questions are for men who are believers in Christ only, please. Thanks so much!

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