Book Review – “Prayers for New Brides” by Jennifer White


I am so excited to share with you a new book, “Prayers for New Brides – Putting on God’s Armor After the Wedding Dress” by Jennifer WhiteI love the cover picture of a bride with a metal breastplate over her gown.

As I read this book – which is really best read as a daily devotional with a lesson, a “prayer prompt,” and “a wife’s call to action” section in each chapter – I was stunned. What God has shown Jennifer and the things He taught her over these past years have been the same lessons He has shown me. I joked with Jennifer, “It’s like we have the same Lord, or something!” 🙂 One thing I love about God is how He uses each believer to reflect a new angle and new facet of His magnificence. Each person’s story is beautiful, unique, powerful, and purposeful in God’s kingdom. I never get tired of reading about God working in people’s lives. I love what God has done in Jennifer’s heart and in her marriage. How I thank and praise Him for raising her up for His kingdom!

Jennifer’s tone is gentle, loving, friendly, candid, and casual. She is honest about her own struggles and yet respectful of her husband at the same time – which I greatly respect. That can be a tricky balance for a writer. She is upfront about the fact that she has not been the perfect wife (this is actually her second marriage) and that much of what she learned has been very much learned the hard way. My prayer is that we might learn from some of her mistakes and not repeat them and that we might embrace the Scripture and biblical principles she shares. She is humble, giving all of the glory to God for what He has done, not taking any credit for herself. I believe she has handled Scripture rightly. She talks about so many critical topics:

  • taking our thoughts captive for Christ
  • spiritual warfare
  • the importance of prayer
  • idolatry
  • sinful desires
  • fear
  • sacrificing your expectations
  • respecting our husbands
  • submitting to Christ
  • submission in marriage
  • dying to self
  • developing God’s perspective
  • peace
  • praising God
  • teamwork
  • forgiveness
  • emotional and spiritual healing
  • healthy boundaries

Something else I appreciate about Jennifer’s book is that her personality and sinful tendencies are very different from mine. She tended to be too passive in her marriage – where I tended to be controlling. I think it is fascinating to see how God showed us both the same truths, but to see how the application can be different at times.

I also like the written out personalized prayers that encourage wives to pray and lead them in praying in new ways, maybe in deeper ways than they have prayed before. There is so much power in prayer. The emphasis on prayer in each chapter helps keep the reader’s heart and mind centered on Christ. This book is very much about discipling brides of all ages to live for Christ in every way. I would recommend it for any wife. It would make a fantastic wedding gift or anniversary gift.

I think that this book would be one that a wife may want to revisit once every year or so, working through the chapters again, writing down her thoughts again, wrestling with struggles, and seeking God’s design and His pattern for her life and marriage with fresh eyes each time. The more you are engaged and answer the questions and get involved in the assignments, the more meaningful and powerful I believe this book will be for you. You could even take one chapter per week and look up the Scriptures in each chapter to go even more in depth. I underlined a LOT of important truths in this book. And I love the quotes she shares about marriage and faith in God.

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