A Question for the Gentlemen about Having a Peaceful, Joyful Wife

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I’m so thankful for the men who are willing to share their masculine perspectives with us. Y’all shed so much light and understanding on really important topics, and I believe, help to close the chasm of misunderstanding between many husbands and wives.

I would love to hear from the men about this topic because I am hoping to write about it in the next week or two. I may quote you anonymously, either in a blog post, or maybe even in a book. So if you share, you are giving me permission to share your words in the future, possibly. You are welcome to answer any or all of the questions.

  • What is it about a genuinely peaceful, content, joyful, grateful, happy wife that is attractive to you specifically or to men in general?
  • What emotions do you feel toward your wife when she is content, smiling, relaxed, and joyful?
  • What emotions do you feel toward your wife when she is unhappy, upset, negative, complaining, worried, freaking out, stressed, etc…?
  • How important is your wife’s happiness to you?
  • How important is your wife’s contentment, peace and joy to you?

Thank you so much, my dear brothers! 🙂


Perhaps you would like to share about how you feel when your husband is genuinely peaceful, content, joyful, and happy? 🙂


A Friendly Reminder, Ladies:

It is wonderful for us to want our spouse to be happy. But, we can take that too far. There is a balance where we are concerned about our spouse’s welfare, but we are also aware that ultimately, our highest calling is to be faithful and obedient to Christ, and to please Him.

Idolatry of Happiness

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