SILVER IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A family called from about a half mile away and told Greg they had seen our flyers last Saturday and found Silver in their yard today. I didn’t know that Greg had gotten a call. He didn’t tell me he had even left. But, then he called and said, “I have Silver!”

I couldn’t believe it! I called for the kids to come outside and we waited for Greg to drive back home. We were all so happy to see our sweet little kitty!!!


We have been enjoying a big, happy, joyous reunion this afternoon. Silver ate ravenously. I’m not sure if he has eaten in 9 days. He is purring and happy as can be, cuddling with everyone. He is very, very tired. His voice is a bit hoarse. But he doesn’t seem to have any illness or injuries. We are so very grateful.


Thank you all so much for your prayers! Your encouragement meant so much to me this past week. And  most of all, we thank and praise You, Lord, for this wonderful miracle!









after a much needed bath
after a much needed bath


warming up in the heating pad
warming up in the heating pad




God Loves His Precious Lost Ones

An Update on Silver – 1-28-2015

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