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Going to Have to Take a Break for Awhile



Our kitten, Silver, is still missing – he has been missing since Friday morning. I have only had about 3 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. Our bedroom is near the front porch and I have food out for Silver in case he comes back. Every little sound, I hear, I jump up to open the door and see if he is outside. I just have to check. How can I not? For years, we thought we couldn’t have pets because of our children’s allergies. But they are not allergic to Silver. He is such a blessing!

We all love this little guy so much. It has been a sad two days at our house. The house feels empty.

I really wish there was some kind of K-9 search and rescue unit available for missing pets in this area!

Greg and the children have worked VERY hard looking for Silver with me and trying to find him. I am so thankful that I have each of them and that we get to be a team and have each other to love. It has been amazing to think of the blessings we have and how precious today is with my husband and children and to rehearse so many good things God has done and so many good gifts He has given (Philippians 4:4-8 is such a precious passage to me in difficult times).

Greg has been in the woods, under the house 2 times, all over the neighborhood countless times, all over the inside of the house so many times and has tirelessly searched and helped me with some of the online stuff we could do. The children have helped us comb neighbors’ yards in the daylight many times and in the evening with flashlights. I go out at night multiple times calling for him and looking with a flashlight. Every time I break down in sobs, Greg has held me close and rubbed my back, even in the middle of the night. He wants me to try to get more sleep tonight for some reason. 🙂

  • I just decided to make myself some scrambled eggs – and got out a cookie sheet to cook them on. Yep. I think Greg was right that I need to take a nap! Brain is not working!

I am going to take a blogging break, hopefully just for a few days or a week or so. I appreciate y’all being understanding about that I may just not be able to get to comments or write posts for a little bit.

I know that God knew this test would come for us, and that it had to pass through His sovereign, loving hands before this pain could touch us. I know that God’s motives toward us are always good. I am so thankful for God’s sovereignty! What a blessing! What a source of peace and comfort in the midst of the unknown. I want to absorb every drop of the spiritual treasure that He has for me in this!

Practicing resting in God’s peace, love and sovereignty in the midst of uncertainty is such a faith-building experience. I am thankful for that.

– Will our greatest fears come true?

I don’t know yet.


– Is God still good and can I still trust Him to take us through it if the “worst case scenario” were to happen?


It would hurt. But God is still good and I will still trust Him. I can still cling to His peace and joy even as my heart aches.

– Might God do a miracle for us and return Silver to us in full health?

Maybe. That would sure be amazing. 🙂

But whether I receive the outcome I want or not – I will trust Him. I will sing praises to Him. And I will love Him with all my heart – anticipating with wide-eyed wonder what His plans might be.

I am excited to see all the good God plans to bring from this. I am also very sad right now – working through my own emotions, spending time in prayer, attempting to sleep and trying to support and love Greg and help our children process their feelings, too. It is sad enough to lose a sweet pet that I love dearly – but to see our children hurting so much is also very painful for a Mama’s heart!

Please pray that I might be sensitive to God’s Spirit and that He might speak and love our children and Greg through me – that I might be a godly wife and mom in the midst of this little family trial and that I might point our precious children to greater faith, to understand God’s heart and mind more,  to experience God’s provision, to seek His wisdom, to learn the power of prayer and holding results loosely in our hands, trusting God with the outcome.  Please pray that we might learn all that God desires us to learn right now, that we would be open and sensitive and pliable to His Spirit.

I am praising and thanking God for what He has done in our lives, what He is doing that we cannot begin to see or understand and what He will do! I am so thankful for the chance to know Silver. Our lives are much richer for him being here with us.

Much love!



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when we first got Silver on August 15th
when we first got Silver on August 15th



asleep by our son's book bag
asleep by our son’s book bag




31 thoughts on “Going to Have to Take a Break for Awhile

    1. Please check with your local humane Society or dog catcher. Someone may have found your kitty and turned the cat over to them until the owners are found.

      1. Nancy,
        We talked with animal control for our town and county Sat am. And the shelters today. And the police dept yesterday and today. And will be making more calls tomorrow. Thanks so much for the great suggestions! 🙂

    2. Precious Friend and Mentor,

      You have BLESSED me BEYOND MEASURE with your POSTS! I PRAISE and THANK GOD for how you have enriched my life. I have lifted you up: Greg, your children and you. My heart goes out to your children, precious sister. BUT! I am ENCOURAGED to know that ALL of you are in the palm of our loving, protective Father’s hand, EVEN Silver! I have prayed for him, too. I can identify with your trial. My husband let me know, seven months into our marriage, that I had to relocate my precious Max, a black cat, who had been with me for nine years. I don’t think I have fully recovered from having had to do so. I am certain I sent Max to his death and he was SUCH a LOVING KITTY!

      So, dear friend, receive my compassion, love and prayers.

      With kindness,


  1. I just woke up from a nap and the first thing I thought was if Silver had returned home! My heart hurts for you and your family and I’ll definitely be lifting you in prayer.

    Your example of handling this in such a godly manner is a strong witness of the character God has refined in you.

    Much love to you.

    1. Do you have an attic with a pull down door? Once we had a kitten and it crawled up the attic steps then got shut up in there. Fortunately we found it shortly thereafter.

  2. I know what it’s like to lose a beloved cat – it’s pure anxiety and heartache. I’m very sorry – and I hope she returns soon. Here’s some information that can help:

  3. When my cat went missing, I asked the local cat rescues if they knew of anyone that would assist in helping to find him. Sure enough there was a woman who volunteered her time to come to my home with cat traps, knowledge on where to put them and how to arm them for a kitty She was a blessing! It is just a thought, if you haven’t sought that avenue yet.

  4. Pretty kitteh. Suggestion I have heard from a fellow cat lover… Take a shirt or something that one of you has worn, so it has your scent, and drag it around your neighborhood. It might help the little one find his way home. Also, most indoor cats who get out are found very close to home. Get your neighbors’ permission and look under their houses and porches and such. If the wee fellah is close by, he may well come out late at night, so if one of you can keep vigil late, you might catch a glimpse. If not, get (or borrow) one of those night-vision cameras that is triggered by motion, and see what you can see.

  5. so sorry for your difficult time…I sure can relate…I lost my little Catrina, (precious little loving adorable dog) for six days and five nights and finally found her after much exhausting search. I believe you can find Silver and will be praying! do not give up! Many blessings and thanks for all the wonderful information and wise advice you offer! You are a blessing!

  6. I hope your beautiful kitty comes home soon. My cat was gone for 4 days one time but she eventually showed back up. Check the trees/roof. That’s usually where cats are when they can’t be found.

  7. So sorry to hear about your kitty. What a beautiful cat.
    We are cat lovers, too, and we have one that is especially near to my heart, and when he gets outside, it makes me so worried that he won’t come back. We have another cat that goes outside, and sometimes you won’t see her for days. I will pray that this is the case with your sweet kitty.

  8. Oh, I am so sorry he hasn’t come home yet. I’ve been checking the blog in hopes of good news. He sure is a pretty little kitty. I hope he turns up soon.

  9. Hey there April

    My heart goes out to you and your family. Pets are such a special part of family, my prayers are with you.

  10. Absence– either of cat or of blog– makes the heart grow fonder.

    My great-grandfather had an outdoor farm cat that disappeared in cold weather. This is unusual, of course. And once, when the weather was very cold, the cat disappeared for so long that it was natural to think that the worst had happened.

    Until the cat ambled into the church coffee hour one Sunday morning, and politely mewed for cream. The church ladies laughingly indulged their visitor, and the cat again disappeared. She was again missing for days, and was not seen until the next wintry Sunday. Country cats do roam far afield, but it seemed strange that my great-grandfather only saw his cat in church.

    Investigation revealed that she had found a warm place to sleep beside the engine in his car, one that he drove to get his mail daily and go to church weekly. Through the week, she slept beside the warm engine and dined on the unfortunate mice that ran beneath it in the barn. Often she must have ridden under the hood of that car from barn to mailbox and back again. But on Sundays, she recognized that the car was parked in a place that always had cream inside.

  11. Several years back our visually impaired tabby sneaked out when my sister-in-law looked after them during our vacation. We came home and started scanning the neighborhood. I’ll never forget how I felt seeing her cloudy eyes flash when I spotted her in the yard. Your family and Silver are in our prayers. Hugs.

  12. I have just got to share with you about God and His greatness and His love for His creation and how He cared so deeply about one horse crazy kid. When I was teen-in the early 70’s, I had the great blessing to have a horse to ride- my parents could not afford to buy me one and I was horse crazy from birth. The owners of an old palomino mare named Missie said I could ride her as long as I paid for the feed and her other needs such as vet care and shoes. She was an old horse but in good shape–For 4 years I rode Missie everywhere and did all sorts of things with her- barrel racing and other shows. One day the owners said they were going to give her to me for good, just move her to a new place within 30 days. Then the man lost his job and gave Missie to another person who could possibly give him a job. As a lost man, he had no regard for my feelings and my heart was broken. He could only see his need. I asked God why would this happen after being given such a great blessing. My fiancé and my parents all tried to help by giving possible reasons, perhaps a better younger horse was in my future or Missie was so old, perhaps she was going to die soon. None of those reasons comforted me but the situation sure got me seeking God My beloved horse that was a gift from God now belonged to someone else. I went to the people who now had Missie and explained how she had been given to me. Their only reaction was even though they were sorry, they did not want to get involved. All they knew was that Missie had been given to them.

    My next step was to seek out a lawyer. Not having funds, I consulted with one for poor folks but they looked at me blankly when I told them my story. My dilemma apparently, was not politically correct. My frustrated efforts then took me to contact other members of the horse club, but they all had the same “sorry, tough luck” reaction and said they did not want to get involved. What was happening? For someone who was so much a part of the clubs activities, rides and rodeos, giving away my horse art, I was now a stranger to them. I was waking up to the fact that there is often a great chasm between the saved and unsaved. Even though I had known these people for years, when it came to the guts of life and helping others, they were not about to alienate themselves from their clique . They were very familiar with the fact that I had ridden and taken care of Missie for years, but they just did not want to get involved. I turned to my fiancé and parents for answers. They were sympathetic and though they offered all sorts of explanations as to why God had allowed this (maybe Missie was going to die soon and God wanted to spare me that.) I was not comforted.

    I tried everything to get Missie back on my own to no avail. Stephen finally said “Just go to God. Tell Him your problem and then leave it with Him.” I had tried everything else on my own with no results. So, with my heart deflated, I put it in His hands. I asked for God to get Missie back for me, but that I would accept whatever He wanted. My feelings were conflicted…there was no inner peace, like I was told you are supposed to feel with God, but I carried on with my life. Steve and I were to be married soon, so plans for our wedding carried on, but my heart was empty and heavy. But on a deeper level, I had a hope of one day riding Missie again.

    The rainy season began and my mom got a phone call from the people who had Missie and told her, “Please come get this horse. We don’t need an old horse, anyway.” My elation and raincoat flew with me out the door as my mom drove me way out in the country to get Missie. It was raining and we had no horse trailer, but that did not stop me from riding the 7 miles across the muddy hills, bareback, down the roads into town to my backyard. Missie stayed with us, ever quiet and well behaved until I found a place to board her.

    The story does not end there. I really feel Missie was a gift from God. She had too many close calls resulting in no harm to her. She just missed being poisoned by an evil person, who killed all the horses at the boarding stables because she was sent to me months before she was scheduled to be shipped to me and my husband in Arkansas after we married.

    She still had to play out one of the most important roles of God’s provision in my life. Stephen’s promised job with a church that brought us to Arkansas never materialized, leaving us stranded. He came down with serious and yet unknown illness. To top it off, our car would not work. We had little money from my minimum wage job and Missie became our only transportation. I often got off work after dark and rode her home always safe along the road. Then we moved to Paris, Texas where she continued her job as our only transportation. In February 1978, an ice storm came through. With power out and roads iced up, it was not safe to drive. Yet, Stephen needed medicine and we were out of groceries. How was I to get to the pharmacy? As usual our car was dead. Could I ask Missie just this one time to do what seemed dangerous. I prayed as I saddled her up, knowing the conditions were getting worse outside. I had ridden this horse just about everywhere, along steep cliffs, over railroad trestles and even across cattle guards. She, perhaps now close to 30, could no longer eat hay. She had been on a special diet of lettuce and oats, with grains and high quality pellets on which she was rolling fat, but I could tell she was feeling her age. Just riding her around the neighborhood could wind her easily, but Stephen needed the medicine and phones were out. With prayer and God’s guidance, I chose to ask Missie to go the extra mile.

    After saddling her, we set out the one mile distance to the grocery story, which in good weather does not seem so far, but add the freezing temperatures, ice and the age of my horse, it seemed foolish even to try. I let Missie pick her own way and speed. She carefully and without incidence, carried me safely along the road, while the few lone vehicles that dared venture out slid on the ice. The old gal never took one wrong step. On the grocery store parking lot, we met some reporters for the local news who stopped me as asked me what in the world I was doing out riding in such bad weather. I told them and they took my photo and went on. We did not make the news, the mayor on skis won out, but I did not care. Missie had accomplished what was to be her last act of faithfulness and courage. She got me home safe and sound. Steve got his medicine and all was well. Just 2 weeks later the old girl lay down and was gone. Miraculously, our vehicle started working again. And those last photographs turned out to be such a blessing. I got them from the newspaper offices after she died. They are a wonderful keepsake remembrance of the horse God gave me.

    My husband and I have come along way since those days of misfortune and need at the start of our marriage. I now have other horses. We both retired from good jobs and have vehicles which work. God has really blessed us beyond what we deserve. I think back on those lean days as almost a nightmare, except for that little bright light God provided in the form of an old patient and giving palomino mare that was all I could ask for and more.

    I sincerely pray that Silver is found and returned. God knows exactly where he is and I pray that God keeps the devil’s hands off your kitty.

  13. I am praying for your family, and sweet Silver. We had an indoor cat that got out through a tear in a window screen we didn’t know was there. He was missing for 6 weeks! And he did come home. We had scoured everywhere in the neighborhood and never saw him. But he was in the woods most likely not far at all the whole time. He was scared, and skinny, but he was okay. I know how much your heart is aching, and your kids, too. Don’t give up hope. I pray you all are reunited with Silver very soon.

  14. We has a cat growing up her name was Emily. She was indoor/outdoor but never really went farther than the neighbors house, one day she didnt come when I called or shook the cat food bag (our signature dinner time cow bell for cats). After a week we started to assume the worst, one night I prayed for her safety where ever she was & that God would show her the way home. 3 months later she showed up at the back door came in & got comfy as if she never left. She never wandered off again. I know mine is the odd story out but God has no time limits.

  15. April, just wanted to let you know: One day my cat Lili didn’t come home. I couldn’t find her anywhere and got really upset. I lived with my grandma and she was crying so much! For more than three days she was missing and I ran out of ideas on how to search for her. Just as you, I got up about every half an hour to check if the food had been touched…etc. Then my sister had just arrived for moral support, she appeared on the door, after three days of no sign and nothing. She was really hungry and sooo relieved to be back home. I’m guessing someone locked her in by accident in their garage, and since it was a holiday on a monday, it took them three days to open the garage again. There is always hope and I am praying for a safe return of your kitten. I am sure you have done it already, but you can ask your neighbours to check their garages or basements. If your kitten is not used to the outside world, he probably went into hiding in the nearest spot around your house.

    Dear god, please keep Silver save and let him return home!

    1. We had one that went missing like that, completely without warning. He was gone for almost two weeks–left first thing Monday morning and came back on a Saturday evening around 5:30. I’m pretty sure he got into the garage as someone was leaving for a two-week vacation. There must have been some water in the garage–condensation from the AC, maybe–but he clearly hadn’t gotten much to eat (those folks undoubtedly found their garage rodent- and bug-free). He came in, went straight to the food dish, ate for awhile, then went and greeted Mike and me, then back to the food dish.

  16. Hey April, oh, I am sorry that your cat went missing. I am praying that Silver would be found. Years ago my neighbour’s cat went missing, and we were looking for him for the whole week. Once my friend and I were going up the stairs in the block of flats next to our house when we overheard two women talking about a scared grey cat whom they already wanted to take home. When we came over to them and asked, they pointed us toward the old washing machine that was standing outside the flats, and there was my neighbour’s cat sitting and looking terrified! When I took him in my hands, he just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. He was an indoor cat as well. So, yes, hopefully your kitty would be found and Silver is probably quite nearby. Good luck!

  17. I am praying for your family and sweet Silver to find her way back home. Don’t give up…..just a suggestion check your kitchen cupboards and closets, once we accidentally closed the kitchen cupboard with our tabby in it – we found her and she was fine 🙂

  18. Oh, April, you have our continued prayers. I’ve been thinking about you guys all weekend, since I read about Silver. You have gotten lots of good advice! What about setting out an empty box (we all know about cats and boxes) with a favourite blanket or bed of Silver’s inside, or (maybe preferably) one that you all have slept on or snuggled beneath? It’ll have your scent and maybe help him out.

    Also, I get pretty regular updates from Maybe give them Silver’s information, too—and keep calling shelters & veterinarians, every day! They’re so busy (I used to volunteer at a shelter), but if you call they’ll look at incomings again for you.

  19. Try sprinkling his used kitty litter around your property. My Charlie was missing for a week, and he came back after I used that trick. I hope you find him soon!

  20. Y’all are the best! Thank you so much for the incredible stories of God’s answers to prayer and provision, the sympathy, the encouragement, the prayers, the friendship, the moral support, the wonderful suggestions and your love.

    We still haven’t found our little buddy. But we are settling in and realizing that this may take a few weeks or months.

    God is already using this situation for so much good in the lives of many people – I can’t wait to see all that He has in store. We are sad. I cried a lot last night just missing our kitten and all of his little antics, his affection and his constant presence. But, I trust my amazing God and His wisdom which is infinitely higher than my own.

    Much love!

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