Our Kitty Is Missing :(


We got a new kitten in August. He is a special breed that is much less likely to cause allergies. He has been such a blessing to Greg, me and our children. Our son is very allergic to cats – we never thought we would be able to have a cat – so Silver has been such an incredible blessing to all of us.

I saw Silver this morning – put him out of the great room (while Greg was taking the children to school) because he kept getting on the counters and I didn’t want him to get burned on the hot stove.

Greg and I are so careful when we come in and out of the house – because Silver did bolt outside once about a month ago. And we don’t ever want him to get outside. He is only an inside cat. He is so friendly, affectionate, vocal, playful and lovable. We are all completely smitten with him.

Greg and I went shopping this morning for a few hours for our almost 8 year old daughter’s birthday party – which is tomorrow.  Her real birthday is December 28, but no one has ever been able to come to a party for her birthday because the timing of her birthday is very difficult for friends to make it. So, for the first time, she let me schedule a birthday party that was not on her actual birthday.  When we came home, we couldn’t find Silver. We looked and looked – in every nook and cranny. He is usually very responsive when we call and he comes running when we open the door. We haven’t seen him at all. We looked outside, just in case he got out without our noticing. We have spent hours and hours looking. He’s not in the dishwasher, the washer, the dryer, the drawers, closets, cabinets, under beds, behind or under furniture. He hasn’t come out all day. He hasn’t eaten or used the litter box.

We looked in the trees and behind and under bushes and cars over and over in our yard and neighbors’ yards. Greg went under the house and under the deck.  It baffles us. It just seems like he disappeared. We are both so very sad!

I put food, water and towels on the front and back porches – it will be cold tonight. But he is built for cold weather, if he is outside.

The children are at their grandparents’ house tonight. They don’t know about Silver being missing. They will be devastated when they find out.

I know this may seem small compared to some much more significant problems. But – we would appreciate prayers for wisdom, that we might find Silver alive and well and that we would have God’s wisdom if we need to tell our children about this and how and when tomorrow.


I know God is sovereign. I know He can use even this for good. I know that not one sparrow falls to the ground apart from the will of God. I know God knows where Silver is and how he is doing. I know He can provide for him. The whole thing reminds me of the parable of the lost coins and the lost sheep and the lost son. We sure want to have a big celebration when Silver comes back to us. We love him and miss him so much! I have cried a lot of tears today!

And how much more God loves each of us! I feel like I get to feel just a teeny fraction of the grief God experiences when we are lost and far from Him as I think about Silver and don’t know where he is and just want to hold him and take care of him again. Isn’t that what God longs to do with each of us, His precious children

Much love!



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