Survey – What Are Your Triggers?

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned some of my “triggers,” things that if I expose myself to them, may tempt me into sinful thinking and sinful motives.


For me, some of my triggers are:

  • reading about what “godly husbands should do”
  • focusing on what I want for a prolonged period of time instead of what God asks me to do
  • romantic novels/movies (even rated G ones) – can trigger thoughts of “I wish Greg would say/do that for me!”
  • some songs – even Christian ones, like the one that said “lead me with strong hands…”
  • reading a long, heartfelt prayer of a husband for his wife
  • hearing or reading about a husband flirting a lot with his wife
  • hearing/reading about a husband connecting spiritually/emotionally very intentionally with his wife
  • a man praying for me or just praying intensely in general (that is not my husband) – I have to be SO SO CAREFUL here.  Seeing/hearing/reading about a godly man praying fervently is very attractive to me.  I have to really put all my guard up in some situations like this.

What about you?

Let’s look at the things that get us thinking in a negative way and that encourage us to spiral into sin.

If there are things that I didn’t list in the poll, please leave me a comment and share what things trigger feelings of discontentment, covetousness, idolatry of your husband, idolatry of marriage, idolatry of being in control, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, hatred, hopelessness, etc… for you. The more you share, the better. These are things we need to talk about together!


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