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Celebrating 20 Years of Marriage!


I am so thankful to share that this week is our 20th wedding anniversary! Greg and I were married when I was 21 and he was 22 on May 28, 1994. Β His dad was our pastor and performed the ceremony. My Daddy walked me down the aisle and gave us his blessing.



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Funny little story…

I am an identical twin sister. My sister was my maid of honor, so she walked down the aisle right before the flower girl did. Many people at our church didn’t realize I had a twin and were appalled, asking each other, “Why is April wearing a black dress for her wedding?!!?? And WHERE is her father?!?!?”

Of course, after the flower girl walked down the aisle, my Daddy and I came in. Not to worry, I was wearing a white dress.

How I wish the me now could sit down with the 21 year old me back then that morning of the wedding and shared what I know now. Not sure I would have been able to absorb any of it at that point in my life. But wow, how I wish I had better understood God’s design for me as a believer, as a godly woman and as a godly wife in much more detail. I don’t have regrets, though, because God is using my years of not understanding and how He has been changing me the past 5.5 years to bless so many others. I could never repay Him for all He has done for me and for us.

Greg and I are not perfect now. We never will be perfect until heaven. But God has brought us so far from where we were and has empowered us to have victory in so many ways. We still have much to learn. I want to learn and absorb everything I can from God and His Word every day for the rest of my life.

For our anniversary this year, Greg took me out to an amazing dinner and then to our favorite Italian ice place last Friday night, Paradise Ice. Then we explored a section of town we had never seen before. I love exploring new places together!



I am so thankful that God did not give up on me. I am so thankful Greg did not give up on me. I praise God for opening my eyes to my sin and for radically changing my heart and my life. I am grateful for God’s forgiveness, mercy and grace that He has offered me so freely through Jesus. And I am thankful for Greg’s forgiveness, mercy and grace. On my own, I am nothing but a wretched sinner. It is only through Jesus living and working in me that there is any good in me.

Each of you are a precious part of this journey for me. I love sharing this road together with you. I am in awe of all that God has done here among us. I can’t wait to see all that He has in store for each of us. I am thankful that we can encourage, pray for, exhort, bless, cry, share and love one another here. You are each a blessing to me.

I know that I am where God desires me to be doing what He wants me to do. I count myself to be the most blessed woman on the planet because of what Jesus has done for me and I long to see everyone experience the abundant life He has provided for all of us. If I were to die today, I would be content and ready to stand before Christ and meet my Lord. The thing I look forward to the most, besides meeting Jesus face to face and knowing Him more fully, is that I can’t wait to hear all of your stories and to see all that God has done and will do in your lives and how His power, love and truth will ripple out around the world from this group of believers. If I don’t get to meet you here, I look forward very much to hugging your neck in heaven.



I am so thankful to be your wife. I know I didn’t have a clue what I was promising to do 20 years ago when we got married. But I am very glad to belong to you. Β Thank you for your steadfast and faithful love. Thank you for seeking to be a godly man, husband and father. Thank you for submitting yourself to Christ. Thank you for demonstrating the unconditional love and humble, selfless leadership of Jesus to me and to our children.

I pray that I might be able to use every day we have left together on this earth to bless you, to be a good gift for you from God, to honor you, to bring you joy, to strengthen you, to be your friend and to bring great glory to Christ in our marriage and family. There is no other place I would rather be than right here by your side. I am excited to watch God at work in your life and to see His plans for you, for us and for our children.


with all my love and admiration,




37 thoughts on “Celebrating 20 Years of Marriage!

  1. Oh, what a beautiful bride, April, you are! And after 20 years, what a beautiful wife inside and out! Thank God for you and your ministry. You’ve also helped me a lot! Be blessed and be fruitful for many more years to come!

  2. Congratulations! Your marriage is sure something to celebrate about. May blessings.
    Keep us in your prayers as we celebrate our 25th this July.

  3. Congratulations! The two of you are so inspiring. I celebrated 20 years in August, only to learn in January my entire foundation was about to fall apart. Oh how I wish I would have known all these things and had such an amazing relationship with God back then. I pray that God is able to restore our marriage and give me the second chance that Greg has given you, so that we are able to make our 21st anniversary the most wonderful, blessed one yet. Bless you both!!

    1. Catherine, Wanted to let you know I prayed for you and your husband this morning. Sending you a hug…..Julie

    2. Catherine, I am in your shoes, too. I celebrated my 16th anniversary in March separated from my husband, and am still waiting for our restoration. April is such a blessing to me and many others, only I, too, wish I had found her words of wisdom sooner. Praying for you today, as I give thanks to God above for blessings beyond what I deserve. His promise to NEVER leave us and to make all things new (including my marriage to my beloved of 21 years) keeps me going everyday. May it encourage you, too!

  4. What a beautiful story! Happy Anniversary! Praise God for all He’s done and continues to do through the two of you! πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing your insights and struggles to bless others!

  5. Congratulations on 20 years of marriage, Greg and April! I wish you many many more anniversaries!

    This post is so beautiful. I cried as I read it. The peace and contentment you have about your life’s purpose is so inspiring.

    You are such a blessing to us!

  6. Happy anniversary, my beautiful friend! πŸ™‚

    You look more radiant now than on your wedding day, if that is even possible! You wear Christ so beautifully is why. πŸ™‚

    God bless you and Greg and thank you Greg for suggesting to April to spread God’s design for marriage. We are all blessed by this ministry.



  7. Happy anniversary and all the best to you and your husband!

    And thank you so much for your amazing blog and all the good work you do – you have no idea how helpful it is to so many of us. Keep it up! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

  8. “The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.” (Proverbs 14:1)

    You have become a very wise woman, April. Greg is very blessed.

    Although much of the first 20 weren’t like you wish they were, the next 20 can be.

    God bless you and Greg!

    1. Yes! Imagine what the next 20 years will be like! Congratulations on this milestone!! ❀

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    Wow! God is so amazing! Thank you guys for being so transparent. It is such a HUGE blessing to so many. I am thankful for your blogs. They are much needed! You guys have edified so many people! Wow! I know you guys have helped me to follow HIM instead of what is being said, my own irrational thoughts and any other circumstances that would deter me from doing what would bring glory to God.
    I have to look at your reminder that sinners don’t know how to truly love and as a saint I must show forth the love of God via His Holy Spirit that dwells within me. I have felt numb.
    Anywayyyyyy! May God be continually glorified thru you guys and your family!

  10. Love to you and Greg this morning and a big thanks to both of you for sharing your story with us and for seeking to minister to others in Jesus’ name.

  11. Congrats, and Happy Aniversary!!! You were such a beautiful bride (still are) and considering how few couples make it this long these days, this is a wonderful day! I appreciate your openness and vulnerability with us here. Your posts, both here and over at Peaceful Single Girl, are very helpful for me in preparing myself for my (hopefully) future marriage. Thank you for being here!

  12. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Brilliant what Yahweh has done in you to use you the way He is now!!! Just awesome! — Thank you, Lord, for April and Greg and this powerful ministry!!!

  13. April, words cannot express how much God has used you to grow both my marriage and me. I was thanking God for you today and praying for you and Greg. Thank you for being honest, transparent, real, and for allowing God to use your lessons learned to help others who share your experiences. When we know there are others out there like us who struggle with similar issues (and know there is hope!), it is so freeing, encouraging, and inspiring. God is so good, and He’s so faithful to sweetly break us for Him and for His purposes. I am grateful for your 20 years of marriage and for the grace and wisdom of God that represents.

  14. What a beautiful story! Happy Anniversary and God bless you both for the wonderful ministry you have. You are such a blessing to so many other couples. I have read many books on marriage since I started on this journey. But your “voice” speaks to me better than any of the others. I thank God for you. Big hugs!!

  15. April, congratulations on your special milestone! May you continue to bless wives as your marriage grows! I am thankful for you! Still praying for the day that our Lord gives me the opportunity to practice all that I’ve learned from you in a restored marriage!

  16. Happy anniversary to my mentor and fellow sister in Christ! May the Lord bless you and Greg again and again for the blessing you’ve been to me. As I am writing, I am laughing with my husband and celebrating a neat achievement we accomplished together. We’ve had such an amazing weekend.

    Even earlier today our family was driving to a baseball game and when I asked him about catching he said he must not be too bad if he was able to catch me. My heart did cartwheels! I am experiencing greater intimacy with my Lord and my husband. My children and children’s children will be richly impacted because of your ministry. My heart is so full of thanks for what God has done in your life and the lives of this community. Praise God!

  17. Happy anniversary april and greg! I am so excited for both of you! Congratulations! πŸ™‚

  18. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for this blog and the time you give to it! So helpful, God bless xx

  19. Happy anniversary to you too. I pray that the Lord keep you strong and well to continue speaking to us women word of wisdom by His Holy spirit. you have no idea how many of us are enjoying the benefits of finding your blog. I landed on it when i was so frustrated with hearing my hubby say over and over that i dont respect him. i was desperate for God to teach me what respect was, then boom!got it in your blog. God bless you. I also pray that many of us who have gotten the revelation of godly womanhood, will not keep it to ourselves but will share with those within our spheres of influence.


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