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FYI – for My Amazing Readers


Just wanted to let y’all know I have been feeling very under the weather yesterday and today and can barely even sit at the computer.  So, please forgive me for not responding to comments as promptly as usual. I am just going to be laying in bed.  Not sure how long I will have to be there. 🙂


Much love to you all!

42 thoughts on “FYI – for My Amazing Readers

  1. Feel better April I had a nasty cold this week too I am praying for you Love, Stephanie

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  2. Praying for healing and peace dear April. May you use this time to be strengthened in your faith, your thoughts, passions-and rest!!!!!

    Sending chicken soup vibes your way 🙂

  3. Oh no! Lord Jesus, continue to touch and heal April, in Jesus’ name! Lay your hands on her Jesus! She don’t mind!

  4. We will miss you surely but the community is alive even while you are resting, so please do rest for real, so that you can get back with us, sooner than you think. Sending you lots of warm sunshine from the Philippines. God bless and heal you.



  5. “Dear friend, I pray that all goes well for you. I hope that you are as strong in body as I know you are in spirit.” 3 John 2
    Much love!

  6. April,

    I hope you have someone bringing in homemade chicken soup. If you were only closer. . . . 🙂 I think the heat and as-yet-undefined nutrients in chicken may help speed healing, but probably just knowing someone cares does the most, so know how much we all miss you and that we would bring you chicken soup if we could. Much love and comfort to you!

  7. Get well soon April! Your post about Fear was amazing and generated a lot of responses! I lie in bed on my (very old!) mobile phone reading all the responses, all the wives posts and comments help me to learn, grow and understand more about my faith in God. We all have different hurts and situations and struggles, but yet are all trying and praying and not giving in! Thank you for replying back to me about suffering and pain and thank you for this blog, it really helps me so much. I hope you will feel better soon xx hugs x

    1. JuR,

      I am feeling a lot stronger and better today – THANK YOU, GOD! And thank you to all of my precious sisters and brothers who were praying for me. 🙂

      Isn’t it wonderful to get to read so many wives’ stories and to hear the struggles, pain, triumphs, victories and all the learning that is going on? I LOVE IT! I’m so thankful God is using this blog to bless so many wives and bring us together in a community to strengthen, build up, encourage, edify, love, pray for and help one another.

      Much love to you!

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