The Soft Serve Ice Cream Incident – by Nikka


Nikka and her husband, Dong

My thanks to my dear sister, Nikka, from the Philippines, for sharing her latest update with us! You can find Nikka at

Oh, the Lord has been working in our lives April!!!! I have felt His Amazing Grace this past week.

Dong has a  new business. 🙂 It’s a soft-serve ice cream machine. We will be positioning it at a nearby grocery not far from where we live and the walk-in clients there and grocery buyers are many…so we are hopeful that the ice cream shop will be a success.
On Tuesday, his ice cream machine supplier called him to tell him, that what he wanted to buy was already sold to somebody else.  Before this, Dong was in a way, dilly-dallying or not yet very “convinced’ that he had to start his business soon. (We are both adjusting to our new roles. Being passive, he really takes a lot of time to make decisions and I am now just keeping still through it all. Whereas before, I would have asked repeatedly or cajoled him into getting on with it, pronto.)
On Tuesday evening, he decided to call a different supplier because he took it as a “sign” that he had to buy one soon, and to open shop soon. He could not sit on his idea for long. He had to make it happen already. There was one machine available! So he went to the store to buy it but went home without it because they did not accept checks.
Last Wednesday, our van was unavailable because of number coding. (The plate number ends in ” 7″ and it cannot be used on Wednesdays… It’s what our local government imposed on private and public vehicles, in order to lessen traffic.) Because it was not available, he couldn’t purchase his ice cream vending machine. It was heavy and he needed the van to transport it. Our sedan could not fit it in.
I was upset but I hid it. I immediately held captive my thoughts on being controlling and wanting things to be done when I wanted them to be done. Immediately I saw what was happening. I was upset because I wanted him to purchase it on that Wednesday because somebody else might buy it and it being already summer here, many were on the lookout for such a machine! To cut the long story short, I kept quiet and gave all my concerns to God. I told Him I was sorry and to fill me with His Peace. I told God, that I will take it as His sign that if the machine were sold again to somebody else, then it just meant that it was not for us. Something else better was to be given to us. I was alright with what was to happen, either way. I did not trust in the machine, I trusted in Him.
On Thursday, Dong was able to successfully purchase it!!!!
Look at how great our good Lord is, April!
  • The first machine that he “lost” only had one nozzle and cost a lot.
  • The second machine that he was supposed to buy on Tuesday but was not able to because they did not accept checks had 3 nozzles for the same price but was not so nice looking. Somebody else bought it that day that he didn’t.
  • On Thursday, a new machine was available. This time with 3 nozzles and in a color combo that was prettier, at a price that was relatively cheaper!!!! It was waiting for Dong all that time!!!
Had I “nagged” him or “forced’ him to do something, anything, last Wednesday, to get the ice cream machine, out of FEAR of losing the machine again and our business not starting… it would not have only made Dong upset about me and me maligning God’s Word, but it also would have led to him buying the Wed machine that was not nearly as beautiful as the one that became available only this Thursday!!!
But because I rested in God’s arms and trusted Him with even the minutest delays and bumps on the road, He gave us not only what we desired, but the BEST that He could give. Praise God!!! 😀
I will remember this ice cream incident if I will have similar bumps in the future. It pays to seek only His will and to lay down all our desires in even the most mundane concerns… Because I kept my “cool”, we got the coolest ice cream machine on the block! 😉
I am really for the first time in 38 years just keeping still. I am not doing anything to make this happen. Just a LOT of encouragement for Dong but that’s just about it. Prayers and silence. I am not going ahead of his plans, I am not even asking for updates (because this is nosy behavior and can lead to controlling behavior)… I just let God do His Work through my earthly leader. I am amazed by God! He really is a sovereign God. What was I thinking, controlling my life all these years?!! :
God is amazing!!!! 🙂
Oh and another miracle. Dong and I have been watching Christian movies together — Fireproof, Courageous — and were touched by the messages in both movies. They really made a big impact on us. He then bought me some more DVDs to watch during the Holy Week break. That of the Bible, Jesus’ Life, Revelations, etc… made by National Geographic or Discovery Channel, I forget which one.. but he said that we should focus on Jesus this whole Lenten season. We also have been having very deep discussions about God, about Jesus Christ, about our faith, about our roles as parents to our children, etc…  My nearly agnostic husband, whom I have unknowingly “helped” in losing his faith, is leading me spiritually again. I am still “Petering” him (1 Peter 3) because I still do not trust myself to again preach to him like I did before, but all this is simply mind-blowing and so wonderful to watch unfold!!! God is working in our lives!
I cried tears of joy awhile ago at church because I have been forgiven much by our Lord and I feel so unworthy of His Love and Mercy, and yet, He called me again by name, and when I answered, He made sure to free me from ALL my bondages and gave me a new me. I am experiencing much peace and joy nowadays and it is just so beautiful. I wish for more wives to experience this.
I love you, Lord!!!

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