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I Want to Hear from You!


If you have been seeking Christ and learning to be a godly wife, I want to hear about what God is doing in your life!  I may be using your comments in future posts or maybe even in a book – so if you send comments, please be aware you are granting me permission to use your comments on my blog or in a book. 🙂

You are welcome to share your stories about any of the following topics:

  • When did you first learn about God’s design for wives in marriage and what were you taught?  Did you learn this from your own home growing up?
  • How did you learn that you had work to do in the area of respect and biblical submission?  What did God use to convict you??
  • What resources have been the most helpful for you as you learn and grow in becoming a woman with a gentle, peaceful spirit who does what is right and does not give way to fear?
  • What was the hardest part of the journey for you so far?
  • What do you wish you had known back then that you know now?
  • Would you please give some specific examples of times that you showed respect and/or biblical submission and then what was the outcome in your marriage?
  • What were your biggest fears going into this journey?
  • What has happened to your fears now?
  • In what ways does your husband feel most respected?
  • How do you show your husband you trust him?
  • How does biblical submission work in your marriage?  I would love some specific examples if possible.
  • What has God changed in your heart on this journey?
  • What is your relationship with God like now compared to before?

You may leave comments here, and I will use them for posts or may save them for a book as I am able to.


If you would like to share about what your wife’s respect and biblical submission has meant to you in your marriage, you are welcome to leave comments, too.

Specifically, I’d like for you to share things like:

  • What most speaks respect to you as a husband?
  • How does your wife’s willingness to trust God to lead her through you affect your decision-making process, your emotional/spiritual intimacy with your wife and your walk of faith in Christ?
  • What does/could your wife do to inspire your leadership in the marriage and family?
  • How has your wife’s respect impacted you in your marriage?
  • How does your leadership and your wife’s biblical submission work in your home?  Do you have any specific examples you would like to share?
  • What is it about your wife’s soul and character that you admire most?
  • What specifically makes you feel like your wife trusts you?

Thank you, everyone!

One thought on “I Want to Hear from You!

  1. I have found that living as God wants you to live as a Wife & Mother is the most peaceful way of Life. I had so much confusion before I truly submitted to what God wants us to do as wives, My husband kept letting me know I was very disrespectful to him. But I just didn’t get it, I done everything for him and our son. I’d been reading my Bible daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times daily and seen that God wanted us to submit unto our husbands. That part was hard for me, I’ve always said I had older sibling syndrome and if I didn’t think you were doing it right or quick enough I had to take over. With the help of The Bible and April, it was becoming very clear that as a wife and a mother I was failing miserably. I wanted to make a difference and obey God’s commands to be the wife & mother that he wants us to be, I didn’t care what the world thought. I am at peace within myself, and feel like I’ve never felt before. I obey only God and what he asks of me, and do not worry what people think. God is GREAT, and April is a Blessing to us all ! Just want to say Thank You April, for being the eye opener that God lead you to be in many women and men’s lives that want to Obey Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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