Real Help for a Massive Problem – Internet Pornography Addiction


Brent Riggs is a Christian teacher, preacher, blogger and author whom I hold in great respect.  He has given me permission to share his post about his free e-book to help people who are trapped in the snare of pornography.  I wish that this book was not needed by anyone.  But I know that is far from reality.  So – please, if you or your husband or someone you know is battling this addiction – get this life-giving, God-honoring information into their hands.  I’m so thankful that Brent has made this resource available at no charge and pray that anyone who needs help will find it.  

Please join with me in praying that pornography use and addiction might be completely wiped out from the church.  It is destroying us!  I pray for deliverance for those who are affected and for God to be greatly glorified!  I pray that our children might be spared and not even exposed to this powerful temptation, that their minds, hearts and bodies might be kept pure for Jesus and that they might live wholeheartedly for Him!  I pray God would change us and empower us to set godly examples for our children in everything.


As you know, Christians are not immune to the traps of Internet pornography, and it’s estimated that 50%+ of the people sitting in pews have (or will have) a secret struggle with porn… and 25%+ of Christian leaders.  And it’s no longer a “male” problem. From anecdotal evidence, I would guess those numbers are low. It is truly an epidemic that Christianity and American culture only admits in whispers.

I want to distribute this book as widely as possible. Given the statistics and the amount of email I get about this issue, it is no doubt a widespread but often secret problem. I’ve named the eBook file a discreet file name so as not to embarrass anyone you might send it to. There will no doubt be many people you know – friends, family, church members, youth, etc.  – who need this information and may not know where to look or who to ask.

In fact, the best tactic is simply to send the eBook to EVERYONE you know and tell them you are distributing it randomly and “maybe you know someone who could use it.” This way, you get it into the hands of people who need it but are too embarrassed to ask. It seems that everyone knows someone who is struggling with porn (and chances are, you might be too).

I’m hoping you’ll show/send this book to your church leadership or Christian group so they can have it as resource. I stayed away from sectarian doctrinal differences so the book could be comfortably used in any church. Let your church leaders  know they can distribute this eBook freely, without restriction. Should anyone wish to purchase a dozen or more paperback copies to make available for a Church, Sunday School class, men’s group, etc. let me know and I’ll be happy to print them AT COST, NO PROFIT ($4.27 each, even cheaper for larger quantities; this offer is NOT an attempt to sell anything for profit).

On the page where I sell the book publicly, there is also my list (and links to) of recommended computer software for monitoring and blocking pornography:  (link for the free e-book)

I’m much more interested in getting this book into as many hands as need it than I am making a bunch of money from it (though I’m not going to gripe at anyone who chooses to purchase it :) ). This is a heartbreaking and terrible problem as you probably already know.

Get the eBook or the paperback here…

In the book:

The Internet has made porn instantly available to anyone with a computer, cell phone, iPad or a broadband connection. Millions are suffering the destruction and heartbreak that porn delivers. Christians are no more immune to this scourge than the world, and it is the whispered secret of churches that the pews are filled with men AND women who have a secret porn habit. Marriages, families, communities and churches are being eaten from the inside out by the cancer of porn.

In this guide you’ll find:

  • How big is the porn problem? Are Christians affected?
  • Is Porn a male issue? Are women into porn?
  • Whose fault is your porn problem?
  • The truth about porn and sexuality
  • How do good people end up ruined by porn?
  • Real answers from real people about porn
  • How Porn Affects Kids
  • How Porn Affects Singles
  • How Porn Affects Marriages
  • Porn In The Marriage Bed
  • How Porn affects Churches
  • What God says about porn
  • The signs that someone is viewing porn
  • How to Check for Porn  on a Computer
  • How to confront your husband, wife or kids about porn
  • Helping someone who has a porn problem
  • Helping your own porn problem
  • How to block porn from a computer
  • How to have victory over a porn problem
  • How to make real change in your life


Brent Riggs has several blogs where he gives advice for blogging, Christian advice for specific problems people have, posts about doctrine and Christianity.  Check out his site

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8 Comments on “Real Help for a Massive Problem – Internet Pornography Addiction”

  1. Robin
    December 29, 2012 at 8:53 am #

    I only see where I can buy it. Where is the link for the free copy?


  2. kindlebooklover
    December 29, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    There is no link to get this book for free😦



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    […] So I made him supper for when he got home and a plate of his favourite cookies.  I didn’t see him again until this evening once I had finished work, and he actually asked me if I was doing the love dare.  Which is funny because I had actually thought about doing that until I realized my sin was the problem, not my love. He asked why I was doing what I was doing, I told him that I love him and enjoy showing him.  I didn’t mention God at this point because I’ve already explained the changes I’m making are for me and God, and don’t want to push the issue on him. He told me to stop, but was smiling when he said it…so stopping isn’t happening.  He also told me I would just end up disappointed, so I asked again if he had been unfaithful, and he said no.  Besides I’m obeying God in showing my husband respect and can’t stop now! I’ve come up with a plan of action.  Goals I am going to focus on for the next little while: – spend copious amounts of time with God in prayer and his Word – keep learning what it means to be a respectful wife – learn about Godly femininity and what it means to have a gentle, peaceful spirit – smile a lot! Be warm and friendly,  but be sure to give my hubby space.  When he’s on the computer don’t interrupt unless I really need something.  Let him decide to initiate conversation, let him decide if he wants to spend time with me. (from Peacefulwife – this wife had been smothering her husband and needy – so she is giving him more space in a respectful way.) – if I’m lonely, tell him, ask for cuddles or a few minutes, but be accepting of no as an answer. – if he does initiate conversation, drop what I’m doing and pay attention – be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger – do not say negative things, argue or complain. – watch the body language! No eye rolling or exasperated sighs. – if he does anything for me thank him! – if he says he is going to do something, be patient and let him do it – start saying things to build him up, affirm and encourage.  Give him compliments. (from Peacefulwife – GENUINE and SINCERE compliments and praise!) – do things he asks of me with a smile and a yes.  Do them with a cheerful attitude – watch for ways I can be a blessing to him, then do it! – if I need to go cry, about my sin, or because I’m hurt, leave the room.  Pray.  Motive check. There is so much more that I need to be doing.  I also need to start expressing my wants, feelings and desires to in the brief way you talk about, I just don’t think I’m ready to break the quiet yet in case I say something disrespectful that makes things worse.  But this is a start. I know what you are saying about husbands lashing out in anger when convicted of sin.  This has happened in the past. Usually I just get defensive and make things worse, or reciprocate his attitude so he “knows how I feel.”  I will need to be really patient and understanding to make sure I don’t repay insult for insult, cause that is a terrible way for me to handle conflict! And certainly not respectful! RELATED: Help for Porn Addiction […]


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