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Fear VS. Faith – VIDEO

Our fear is destructive in our relationships with God and our husbands.  But there is great power in our faith!

i am trying a new method of making a video.  Not sure if it is working.  Please let me know if you can’t see it!

If you are having problems with the above link….Try this link below……

15 thoughts on “Fear VS. Faith – VIDEO

  1. Great video! Thank you for these continued words of encouragement! Such an answered prayer to learn (gain understanding) from someone who has been there and fought for righteousness and focused on God! Prayers for you and your family as you faithfully follow God by reaching out to others through this blog. Things like this do not go unnoticed in the physical or spiritual realm. Thank you to you and your husband for this work! You are helping and encouraging me greatly!

    1. I am definitely on a learning curve with the video thing! I recorded this one directly on Youtube – and it didn’t take 176 minutes to load like the one the day before did – but the quality was definitely poor. So I won’t do it this way again! 🙂
      Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

My grandmother is on hospice and won't be with us much longer (11-30-16). I will get to comments when I am able to but I need to be with family right now. Thanks for understanding.

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