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A Peacefulwife VIDEO!


My Old Ways vs. My New Ways.

For those of you who have missed out on my Facebook videos – here is a brand new one – my first on my blog!  WOOHOO!

You are welcome to comment or ask questions on the post.

19 thoughts on “A Peacefulwife VIDEO!

  1. Thank you! This adds a new dimension to your message – it definitely adds something even more personal. Thank you for sharing in this way as well!

    1. Learning1,
      You’re welcome. I pray that God might move in the hearts of Christian wives in a powerful way. And I am willing to be fully used by Him in any way He might choose. I appreciate your willingness to share!

  2. I think it’s great you’re making videos now, too. I know making videos can feel weird at first (especially watching yourself speak, always feels weird to me!) but it really adds something (e.g. explaining what you mean by pleasant/unpleasant tone of voice – much more effective this way :)).

    1. Charissa,
      Thanks! I definitely HATE doing my old awful tone of voice and facial expressions – but I think it really helps for women to see the contrast and to hear and see the difference. I appreciate your comment so much!

  3. Yaaaaay! So nice to “meet” you! 🙂 and I think the video gives an even better idea of the tone and ways that you have incorporated in becoming respectful. Thank you for being vulnerable and letting God use your junk to help us all gain clarity of his will for marriages!

  4. Those were great examples you shared! I liked seeing you and hearing you speak, your sweet spirit showed through the video much more than words on a screen.

  5. Love your message here…something so many women struggle with but are unwilling to see or admit. When you mentioned prayer, I could very much relate…though I would mostly just stew about it and on occasion chastise my husband for not praying with me and the kids. What I’ve learned is that he is more than willing to pray with me and if I simply ask, “Will you pray with me?” or “Will you pray with me and the kids?” his answer is always YES! I shouldn’t consider him a “spiritual failure” simply because he is not the initiator. Would I like for him to be? Sure! But I am oh-so-thankful to have a husband who is willing and responsive to my requests. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Linda,

      THat is a great point! I do that sometimes – too, ask my husband to pray with me. I think that we as women get these ideas in our head about what a “godly spiritual leader” should be. And we think that means initiating prayer and doing devotions every night. Those things aren’t even mentioned in the Bible. I don’t know of a verse that says, “Husbands must initiate prayers with their wives or they are spiritual failures.”

      So, yes! Absolutely, we can ask (respectfully) and most of the time our husbands will pray with us. If they refuse or don’t want to – I think we can respond with grace and not make a big deal out of it, give them some time and trust God to work in their hearts. But if we lecture, preach and nag about it – we will almost guarantee they won’t pray with us anytime soon.

      Great comments, Linda! Thank you so much!

  6. Have you been reading my mind/heart?!? I could transpose each one of those “before” statements directly into my past experiences with my husband and nothing would be different. I have said/thought those exact things! Thankfully, the Lord brought me to your blog a couple weeks ago and my heart is completely changing. It’s one of the most drastic changes I’ve ever seen Him bring about in my life. It’s like the blindfold keeping me from seeing my own sin has been removed from my eyes. Thank you for being so relatable!

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