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Casting Out All Fear

As a formerly dominant/controlling wife – I can tell you that I had one primary motivation for those 15 years of our marriage – FEAR.  BIG FEAR. A GLIMPSE INSIDE MY SOUL BACK THEN I was TERRIFIED about so many things all the time.  I was consumed with worry every day.  I was anxious.  I knew what […]

hands to the sky

Holding Nothing Back

I LOVE the story about Abraham.  This was a man whose faith impressed God.  There aren’t many things people can do that impress our mighty, sovereign, holy, powerful, just, loving, gracious, merciful God.  Our own attempts at being good sure don’t get God very excited. All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all […]

bridegroom aisle

A letter to my newlywed self

This is a guest post from Julia, a happy homemaker who wonders whether she was born sixty years too late.  She blogs regularly at Being June ( I attended a bridal shower over the weekend, a champagne brunch in a medieval-looking hall in a sea of impossibly well-groomed gardens. He’s a chef, she’s in finance. […]


But, I am RIGHT!

That was me.  I seriously thought I was always right.  Always.  I was convinced of it and NO ONE was going to tell me otherwise.  I was happy to argue my point and drill it home with anyone.  I suppose I thought I was practically infallible. Turns out that my extremely prideful attitude was the […]


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