Prayer 2-15-2012


Thank You for the gift of this glorious day!  Help us to be still before You and lift up our heads to see Your holiness, Your power, Your sovereignty over the universe.  You alone are God!  There is no other.  You alone are worthy of our praise and worship.  You are the King of kings and Lord of lords!  You are our Refuge, our Strong Tower.  You spread Your wings over us to cover and protect us.  You are the Great Physician Who is able to heal all of our diseases.  You are the Lamb of God, Jesus, Who takes away the sins of the world!  You are the One Who designed us and Who alone can meet the deepest needs of our souls.  You  are the Creator.  You call each star by name.  You designed nature in all of Your wisdom and the world, the universe runs at Your command.  Day after day, creation pours forth speech, night after night all creation declares Your glory alone!

We praise and thank You for our health, strength, and life.  We thank You for Your precious Word.  We thank You for Your great Comforter – the Holy Spirit.  Thank You for opening the storehouses of heaven to provide for those who love and trust You.  We thank You for bringing us to faith in Christ.  Thank You that it all depends on You, not on us.  We are so sinful, wretched and dead on our own.  Raise us to the new life that You desire us to have in Jesus!  Thank You for the blessing of this new day.  Let us use our time wisely to praise You continually, to be thankful in all things, to listen carefully for Your voice.  Let us love You with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength!  Let us live lives of faith and love that honor You!  Let us set godly examples of faith, speech, character, marriage and attitude in front of our spouses, children, friends, coworkers, families and all those around us.  We praise and thank You for Your love!  Help us to see how enormous Your love is for us!  Our understanding is much too small.  Our field of vision only lets us see a tiny fraction of Your power and Who You really are.  Open our eyes!  Give us eyes to see and ears to hear Your Spirit!  Let us worship You in spirit and in truth and truly bless Your Name and bless Your heart with our worship, reverence, obedience and love for You!

Please, out of Your great kindness and mercy, show us our sin.  Convict us of every trace of sin and reveal to us every stronghold of Satan that is destroying us.  Give us godly sorrow to repent and to allow Your Spirit into our hearts to change us, to renew our minds by the power of Your Word.  Let us be still and pliable in Your holy hands.  Remove PRIDE, resentment, stubbornness, disobedience, greed, lust, malice, ungodliness, idolatry, self-worship, love of pleasure, apathy, violence, rage, impatience, selfishness, dishonesty, evil, irresponsibility, hatred, lack of love, un-forgiveness, disregard for Your Word, grieving Your Spirit…  All the good we are able to do on our own is nothing to You but bloody, filthy, dirty rags.  Apart from You we can do nothing, Jesus!  Keep us bound to You.  Let us remain in You that we can receive the nourishment and power of Your Spirit into our lives.  Make us useful to Your kingdom.  Continue to sanctify us and make us more and more like Christ.  We trust our lives and our spirits into Your hands.

Bring Your church and our nation to our knees in repentance.  We desperately need You, Jesus!  Our nation needs You!  Your church needs You!  We have been so rebellious, stubborn and steeped in sin.  Open our eyes to our spiritual poverty, our spiritual sickness – we are near death as a church and as a nation.  Revive us!  Cleanse us of our sin and restore us to the holy beauty that is fitting and proper for Your bride!  Let us each begin with repenting ourselves, and draw us to Your heart.  Let us forsake the world and all of its promises, comforts and pleasures.  Let us whole-heartedly seek You alone and Your will alone.

Give our church and government leaders Your wisdom to lead this large nation and Your church.  Keep them close to You!  Let them not fall to scandal and temptation!  Let them bring honor to Your Name and lead us in Your ways.  Keep our pastors, deacons, teachers, ministers and all those in authority in Your church pure, undefiled, uncontaminated by the world.  Let them set godly examples to us and to our children.  Never let them fall and expose Your Name to disgrace!  Give them strong marriages and keep them humbly seeking Your face, don’t let them fall to greedy, worldly desires!

Strengthen our men, husbands, and fathers!  We desperately need this generation of men to rise up and stand in the gap for Your church, their wives and children.  Create godly leaders and a massive godly army across the nation and Your church of our men.  Break them free from pornography, lust, greed, apathy, carnality and complacency!  Help them see with Your eyes the very real spiritual warfare that is being waged every moment against our nation, Your church, and their families.  Let them be men of faith, prayer and who know Your Word and use it well.  Let our men see how critical their leadership is and help them find the training and support they need to become the heroes for Christ that You designed them to be!  Give them supportive, encouraging, joyful wives who will pray along with them and empower their leadership at home and in Your church and in the world.  Use the men in Your church to snatch our children from the snares of Satan!!!  Use them to see where Your people have gone astray and to bring us back to Your narrow path that leads to life!   Give them courage to stand against the tide of our culture and to create homes based on Your design and order no matter what others may say is politically correct.  Let them courageously represent the love of Christ to their wives, children and other believers and the world.  Let our marriages and families be healthy, whole, godly and Spirit-filled and draw many to You!  Give our men wisdom to protect, provide for and guide us as wives, as families and as Your precious church!  Let this generation radically change the world for Christ!

Strengthen our women, wives and mothers!  Let this generation of women rise up to become a godly women who see clearly what is at stake in America, in Your church and in our families.    Let us get to work becoming the women You desire us to be even if the world cannot understand Your design and the beauty of marriage and family life the way that You prescribe it to be.  Let us do good towards our husbands and never harm them.  Let us build up our men with our words, attitudes and actions.  Let us remove every negative attitude and pride from our hearts and lips and only use our words to bless and edify those around us.  Remove gossip, criticism, bitterness, resentment, grudges from our souls.  Let us be humble before You and before our husbands and families.  Use us to continually pour out Your love and Spirit and healing words into our families.  Help us be able to be free to be with our children as much as they need us.  Cleanse us of the world’s messages about women, femininity, marriage and family.  Let us embrace Your wisdom, plan, purpose and roles joyfully and cheerfully.  Use us to change femininity in Your church and our nation and let us bring great glory to You!

Give us wisdom to raise our children in Your ways.  Let us teach them Your Word and Your wisdom carefully.  Use us to set godly examples for them.  Use us and our children to bring many people to Your Kingdom, Jesus!  Use to to protect them from evil and to equip them to know Your Word and to love You with all their hearts, minds, souls and strength.  Give our children godly friends and godly spouses.  Let us be found faithful that they might have healthy, godly marriages and families themselves in the future.  Keep them and us from being contaminated by the world!

Use us to boldly speak Your Word and to proclaim Christ to the world around us.  Let Your Spirit have free reign to work through us for Your Kingdom.  Open our eyes to each opportunity and let us be faithful and obedient to all You desire us to do today.  Use this group to change the world for Christ!

In the Name of Christ Jesus – we seek Your will not our own!