Valentine’s paraphernalia is everywhere at Wal-Mart and all the grocery and drug stores- it’s hard to miss!  And there are lots of great lovey-dovey cards that appeal to women.

But what about the guys?  A love note doesn’t usually speak to a man’s soul the way that it would to a woman’s, but the greeting card industry pumps out thousands of cards about love written for men to receive.

I have a radical suggestion!  Maybe I need to ask Hallmark to hire me to start a new line of cards, but I believe that men would much rather receive respect notes than love notes. 

I know this concept seems strange to women, but I think men would actually keep a card from his wife/girlfriend that talked about all the things she admires and respects about him.

I’d like to encourage the women out there- you may have to make a handmade card since the whole respect theme isn’t very mainstream- but how about making a respect card for your husband.

It doesn’t have to be long, but just tell your man some of the wonderful things about him that you really look up to him about and some of the things you admire about him.

Some wives have a really tough time with this, so here are some suggestions- talk about his:

Physical manly build

His muscles, his strong jaw line, his strength, his height, his ability to lift heavy things and handle difficult jobs around the house.


His strong work ethic, the fact that he goes to work daily to provide for his family (regardless of whether the wife works, too) without complaining, that he is great at what he does and contributes to the betterment of the world through his talents.

Leadership and character

The way he sees the big picture and makes wise, responsible choices, his generosity, his kindness, his loving nature, his thoughtfulness, the way he sacrifices his own desires in order to please his wife and take care of his family.

The way he stays calm under pressure, the way he protects his family from spiritual/financial/physical harm, the way he teaches his children about life and God, his priorities, how responsible he is, how much he researches things before making a decision, his wisdom and insight.


His abilities with fixing cars or doing renovations around the house, his athletic ability, his creativity, how great he is at hunting/fishing/hobbies.

His abilities as a dad and husband

Mention a few of these things and see if your husband doesn’t keep that card for a long time.  Your respect means the world to him!  Your respect and admiration inspire him to become his very best self.  Your trust and faith in him motivates him to move mountains and do the impossible.



Help us as wives to become students of our husbands and of how to show respect to them in a way that really honors the needs of their souls as men.  Help us to see better from their perspective.

Help us to inspire our men with our godly femininity and our admiration, praise, encouragement and respect.  Let us be the best wives we can be, and the wives our husbands desperately need us to be!