Prayer for 2012

Thank You for this precious new year- a time of renewal and a time to think about our priorities and habits, our strengths and weaknesses. Lay our hearts open before Your Spirit. Probe each dark corner of our souls with the piercing light of Your Word. Reveal every sin to us, Lord! Let each of us, and all of Your Church, be awakened to our sin and how far short we have fallen from Your standard. Open our eyes to see exactly how lowly we are in comparison with the Lamb of God in Whom is no defect or blemish.

We praise You and Thank You for being the Alpha and Omega, the Creator, the Sovereign One God, the Great I Am! Thank You for making us in Your likeness. Help us to value and cherish human life because it is precious to You. Let us love what You love and hate what You hate! Thank You for the time – this precious gift- You are giving to each of us today. Help us to use it to bring glory to You!

Thank You for the gasoline, electricity, food, material things, houses, clothing, medicine, jobs, safety and peace You have so generously lavished on us! Thank You for our government. Thank You that we do not live under oppression or an evil dictatorship or under anarchy. Give our president and governors and all of our political leaders wisdom to lead us in Your will. Use them to accomplish Your purposes for our nation and for Your people.

Give us, the Church, a spirit of boldness and courage to proclaim the truth of Christ to the world- in school, in our businesses, in our homes, and everywhere we go. Let us be the salt and light that You designed us to be. Break the shackles of sin that have us paralyzed and let us truly serve and worship and honor You as Lord of our lives! Let Your Church fall on her knees and return to You. Let us love You wholeheartedly and seek You above all else! Let us love people with Your divine love.

Change our families to fit Your pattern and design, Lord! Help us to understand our roles as husbands and wives and parents. Help us to discard the lies we have learned from our culture and let us embrace godly femininity and godly masculinity. Thank You for the beauty of Your design. Thank You for the way Your design brings such joy and peace and also brings glory to Christ. Let our marriages bring honor to Your Name in 2012!

Let the wives of Your Church be changed dramatically and embrace Your purpose as believers, wives, and mothers! Raise up a godly generation of women who are radically different from the world around us. Help us to see how our culture has crushed the life, gentleness, tenderness, mystery and beauty out of femininity. Let us rediscover our true glory, beauty, joy, power and peace as women! Let us joyfully step out of the leadership position in our marriages and surrender control to You and to our husbands if we have not already done so. Let us joyfully empower our husbands as leaders and model respect for our husbands for the world and especially for our children to see. Let the wives in Your Church embrace humility and be willing to give up control in order to gain glory for Your kingdom so that no one may malign the Word of God. Let us embrace the things You say are good in Titus 2 :” to be reverent, not to be slanderers, not to be drunk with wine, but to teach what is good. Let us train the younger women to affectionately love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the Word of God.” We desperately need women to step up to the plate and question the values of our culture and to decide to be godly women and to train the younger women and our daughters Your path of Life! Show us that our power is not in high paying careers or in trying to control everything in marriage or trying to have it all. Help us see the power of surrendering to You and trusting and acting in faith with our husbands. Help us to see our power in using our words to build up, praise, encourage, follow and pray for our men. Let us find the joy in nurturing our husbands and families spiritually, physically and emotionally. Use us to impart Your wisdom to the next generation! Let us know and love Your Word and live it in front of our families every day. Let us teach Your Word to our children and let us be found faithful! Until the wives in Your Church are obedient to Your Word, our husband’s leadership will be paralyzed. Help us as women to see that we must get our house in order as wives and leave room for You to work and then You can begin to create revival throughout our land through the godly leadership of our husbands.

Let the husbands of Your Church be changed dramatically and embrace Your purpose as believers, husbands and fathers! Raise up a godly generation of men who are radically different from the world around us. Help our men to regain the vision, the nobility, the strength, the power and the honor that comes from true godly masculinity. Let our men rise up to lead our families, Your Church and our nation back to Christ! Let the men of God be set free from the sin that entangles them! Let them grow strong in their faith and love Your Word and be mature and complete, lacking nothing and able to be godly warriors, protecting their wives and children from Satan’s constant attacks and attempts to destroy us. Let our men take back over the leadership in our homes and Your Church the way You designed them to. Let our men become beautiful examples of Christ loving His Church in the way that they love their wives with a self-sacrificing love. Give them Your wisdom to lead their families and Your Church and our country, Lord! Don’t let them fall into scandal and temptation! Let them be faithful to Christ and let them do the work of Your kingdom- winning many to Christ and protecting their families and Your Church from evil. Use husbands and wives as a team, each one using their unique strengths and abilities to contribute to benefit the marriage and the whole family. Let our children witness unwavering commitment, willingness to sacrifice, determination to put actions ahead of feelings, the sanctity of a covenant, love that always hopes, always trusts, always believes the best in others and love that never fails.

Let our children grow up in godly, orderly, loving, peaceful homes with vibrant, healthy, in-tact marriages as the example of God’s love for them daily. Let our children have godly spouses and use us and them to reverse the overwhelming tide of immorality and divorce in our nation. If we can’t understand Your design for marriage and can’t live out marriage- the living parable of Christ’s relationship with the Church- what impact can we have on the world for Christ? Strengthen our marriages and families, Lord! Let our children be raised as You desire them to be raised to know You, to love You, to know and love Your Word, and to love people as You do. Use them to radically impact the world for Christ and to bring many to heaven’s gates!