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Fighting Fair

When your blood starts boiling and the steam starts escaping, resort to FIGHT. Getting into the ring Today’s guest post is from We have all been there I am sure. Fighting. Despite your best intentions or highest commitment to maintain a healthy happy relationship, it inevitably happens that we end up disagreeing with our […]

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Before and After Pictures of My Soul

I love before and after pictures.  I love to see before and after house renovation pics and also makeover pictures of people.  There is something amazing about being able to witness huge visual/aesthetic improvements in a place or a person.  Here I am going to give you some “before and after” pictures from my own soul.  […]

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Why Respect and Submission?

Marriage can be the most incredible form of intimacy known to humankind when things are going well, and it can also be the source of almost indescribable pain when things go wrong.  I have been married almost 18 years now and there are a whole lot of things I know now that I wish I knew 18 years […]

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Respect 101

So, husbands/men need respect in marriage. Women need love. (based on the commands of the Bible, and also experience!)   For many years I tried to give my husband LOVE not RESPECT  – and it didn’t work very well!  I tried to ask him what he needed from me – and he couldn’t really tell me.  It was […]

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