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"Unlock Your Libido" Book Review

(TRIGGER ALERT – If you are a higher drive wife with a husband with lower libido, please don’t read this review if you know that reading about something like this might be upsetting to you.) I have never done a book review on such a topic but I have seen how much pain there is […]

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When Your Husband Rejects You

  I am not a therapist, psychologist, a licensed sex counselor, a pastor, a trained counselor or a psychiatrist. I am just a part time pharmacist and a wife who loves Jesus. The survey questions I had a week or so ago revealed several things about my readers and their marriages that I would like […]

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Missing Each Other’s Signals

Sometimes, a wife may feel rejected by her husband sexually, when in reality, her husband just didn’t pick up on her signals and had no idea she even felt rejected, or that she was trying to initiate intimacy.  This can also happen in reverse, as well. Maybe, it could be a wise idea to have […]

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When He Starts to Miss You

This post is for wives who were being controlling and trying to force their husbands to be with them, say certain things to them and who were trying to initiate physical intimacy and were getting rejected a good bit – and have tried to correct these things by backing away some and giving their husbands […]

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The Wonder of New Life

Greg, myself and our son (9 months pregnant with our daughter) Greg holding our sweet girl ****  WARNING – to my sisters who are struggling with infertility or who want a baby and their husbands are opposed to having a baby – please skip this post! There were things I could never have begun to […]

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