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"Unlock Your Libido" Book Review

(TRIGGER ALERT – If you are a higher drive wife with a husband with lower libido, please don’t read this review if you know that reading about something like this might be upsetting to you.) I have never done a book review on such a topic but I have seen how much pain there is […]

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Praise God for Your Body!

Part 2 of the assignment about body image we started the other day: Now, my dear sisters – once you have written a letter to a young girl about what you would want her to know about how she thinks about her body, her appearance, and lovability – take that same letter and change the […]

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Do I Need Makeup? VIDEO

A topic I have been thinking about lately – what are my motives in wearing makeup? (For those of you from a more legalistic background or who tend to be overly sensitive to false guilt – I believe we have freedom in Christ to wear or not wear makeup. This is an area that the […]

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Godly Femininity – Part 1

This topic could be a whole book. Actually, there are some books about it! You can find some of them in my post about my favorite marriage books. Recently, we examined femininity in general and then ungodly femininity. Today, we are going to talk about godly femininity or biblical womanhood. This is the real core […]

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