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This is a very good article by Danika Cooley describing what a difference praising her husband made. She is a great writer and has a great blog called Thinking Kids.

Originally posted on Thinking Kids:

We have a knight living in our home.  He’s big, strong, noble and inspiring.  Our knight wears shining armor, he loves Jesus and he guides us in the way we should go.  He has spectacular ideas, he works hard to feed and clothe us, and he’s our hero.

My boys and I are blessed to be served and loved by so noble a character.  Yet we don’t live in a castle, there’s no moat, and this isn’t a fairy tale. I actually live in the suburbs on the edge of a metropolis.  We have tulips in our front yard, along with our fair share of weeds.  My husband is wonderful, but very human.

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